Saturday, February 02, 2008

Counter Strike 1.6 Freak !


just for your informations, I'm a Counter Strike 1.6 Freaks Photobucket

I'm playing counter strike almost from 7 year ago, back when CS still version 1.1 . Yeah...i know bunny jumping is cool, but I'm never like it coz its soo unrealistic

Back when i'm in the college, a good friend of mine Edo take to a internet caffee called Winner and introducing me to this first i thought this game is to complicated, fast paced and i'm not familiar with the keys or command...but i dont know how...i'm become addicted Photobucket

since then...I'm become a regular visitor at Winner, even without Edo...i'm always sit in the PC number 8 coz in that place nobody can see my monitor so i can play more calm (I hate when people see my monitor). I'm play everyday almost 8 - 12 hours per day, and i'm always become a top rank Photobucket

In college, i remember when our gank introduced to CS by Hans (YM:elendermist) we always play after class but not last for long Photobucket...and a good friend of mine HERI (YM:elmo_rockstyle) that very obsessed with CS, we always wandering from one caffee to another to seek blood Photobucket(challenge) and often skip class only for playing in one caffee that wee believe some leet player that always play there, the caffee called Champion.

I'm remember back when CS came out with the biggest changes that bunny hop is not allowed anymore, Winner owners wont upgrade the CS server to 1.4 coz he's affraid the customer will move to another caffee, but i'm able to make him upgrade it Photobucket also i'm in become his trusted assistant. I play for FREE but in return i must help him to install all game in his pc, manage the networks, and also helping him choose the right VGA card for his caffee.

I remember when clan war was booming back in 2001/2002 i'm playing with some of good players like Hendrik (HZ), Laury (fin), Alex (dor), and Kuda Photobucket....i think they are the best in gaming specially CS. Also the 2nd generation like Alam, Itak (Baba Liong), and other leet player from Winner. Yeah I miss the good old days...when we always play together, laugh and just hanging around together Photobucket

Now? I'm still the BEST !!! but i'm only play in public server, i think HZ and fin still play for tournament, ahh...also Hans...a good friend back when i'm still living in Alfa Indah. What? you want prove ???? here the screenshotPhotobucket me in Vivagamers server pub-2. I'm always play there with some good player like baby_vegeta, TeQuiLa, CinHan, chen hau nan, Mafia_Hungsing, and much more...

Lock And Load Photobucket

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